Purchase and Return Policy

General Purchase Policy
The following applies to guitars bought directly from TEYE GUITARS.
If you purchase a guitar from a dealer, please check with that dealer for their purchase policy.

GRACE PERIOD: Guitars, once shipped to you, have a courtesy approval period of seven days, in which you may decide to send the instrument back. We will then either rectify your concerns, make you another one, or refund your money.

Guitars in stock can be bought and shipped immediately. An Order-to-Build guitar requires a deposit. This deposit is one-third of the purchase price of the desired instrument. The final price is guaranteed, but the delivery date is an honest estimate (we cannot hurry the process while maintaining quality) Please contact us about current wait times.

Shipping charges include insurance, or if applicable, sales tax/import duties are for the customer.

Cancellation of an Order-to-Build is possible, but under a certain circumstances. As we plan the work, buy parts and cut/sand wood based on your order,  your guitar may have already incurred cost and used up resources even before we start on the actual build. Hence a deposit. Depending on the build phase we are in, we may have to finish the guitar and sell it before we can return all of your deposit, simply because the cost and resources are tied up in your guitar.

Special Orders: Any out-of-the-ordinary special engraving (personal symbols; names etc), any different color scheme, different neck specs, different woods, any so-called one-off builds, and also Left Handed instruments, are all considered Special Orders. Special Orders must be paid in full before we start on build. Special Orders also have the seven day grace period. However, if you wish to return your Special Order, please realize we must sell the Special Order before we can refund your money. Your refund will be the amount we receive, minus up to a 10% discount to cover Special Order marketing etc.

Left Handed Guitars And Basses
Left-handed guitars and basses of all series and all models are available at no additional cost. No left handed mark-ups! A ‘leftie’ is a ‘Special Order’ (see above for details). One more thing: our left-handed guitars can be ordered with Left Hand or Right Hand pots

Thank You For Your Interest In TEYE GUITARS!