Are All TEYE Guitars Made To Order?

Yes. Unless we happen to have and on-hand model available, all guitars are made specifically for their new owners.

How Long Does It Take For My TEYE To Be Built?

It usually takes six weeks to build and deliver your new TEYE instrument. Once your order is submitted we begin the design and build process and can provide you with a more precise timeline. Some guitar options may require additional time to develop and deliver.

What Is The TEYE Guitar Design Process?

At the start of any made-to-order guitar purchase, you will discuss your option preferences with one of our TEYE builders prior to starting the build. This will ensure your instrument is developed perfectly.

Where Can I Buy A TEYE Guitar?

You may purchase a TEYE from TEYE GUITARS or from an authorized TEYE GUITARS retailer.

Is There A Guide To TEYE Guitar Tones?

Yes, we have a few suggestions to help you get started quickly with your TEYE Guitar's electronics system.

Are TEYE Guitars Gifts From The Gods?

No. Not that we're aware. We understand the likeness and are extremely flattered but please stop asking us this. We don't know how this rumor got started and can assure you that our official position is that Zeus is not currently involved in our business though we are not opposed to the conversation if he happens to be open to new opportunities.

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